Expert in animal feed

Slaughtering at 17 months
at 650 kg with an IC
of 5.1 MS!

"I achieved this thanks to
my expert"

33 piglets weaned
per year!

"I achieved this thanks to
my expert"

11,000 litres!

"I achieved this thanks to
my expert"

Enhance the value
of my females!

"I achieved this thanks to
my expert"

Dairy cattle


HiPro 58

High performance economical alternative to soybean meal and rapeseed meal. HiPro 58: extruded feed with high level «efficient» urea based on the concept off «SLOW RELEASE» urea (bolus effect). Co-extrusion of urea with starch.

Meat cattle






Linafiber™ is a unique product, containing 3 functional ingredients: linseed, chicory fiber and the high-energy sugar syrup. Highly suitable for sow feed, it has also proven beneficial effects in feed for piglets and growing & finishing pigs. The synergetic effect of these three ingredients ensures the Ω3 to Ω6 ratio in the feed to be optimised and promotes healthy intestinal flora. With this composition, Linafiber™ is a valuable all-in-one product for compound feed manufacturers and on-farm mixers.










Golden Soy is therefore the ideal material to increase the energy and protein density of the feed, especially in lysin and polyunsaturated fatty acids.


In 2005, based on our research and knowhow in animal feeds, we created the EquiFirst brand.

Our range covers all the needs of horses at every point in their lives, from leisure horses to leading stables, paying particular attention to feed safety.

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The Dumoulin Group is a food industry business with a human dimension, expert in animal nutrition.

« We serve farmers’ profitability and we are a partner of human health and the environment »

To help you achieve optimal production, we rely on our animal nutrition experts, our innovative products, our research and development and our experimental farms.

However, we do not forget human health (we are a founder member of the Equilibrium group) or the environment:  in particular, we invest in energy saving and the reduction of methane emissions.

We export our knowhow worldwide.


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