R&D Department

Dumoulin also relies on the Arvesta R&D department, where a team of nutritionists work on the development of new products and food concepts.

Our goal is to offer innovative feed solutions that meet the criteria of sustainability and feed efficiency for the agriculture of tomorrow.

For over 20 years we have been working in R&D on a daily basis alongside Belgian and foreign universities and service companies in order to offer you innovative products that combine livestock performance with respect for animal welfare.

We test our breeding solutions in our experimental farms: our experts always offer proven solutions that are best for your farm.


With over 750 head of bovine cattle in 5 experimental sites and over 15,000 pigs with our customers, representing over 20,000 measures of dairy cattle plus 4,800 measures of meat cattle and over 10,000 measures of pigs per year – we are continuously testing the solutions that at present provide and in the future will strengthen the alliance between optimal animal nutrition and economic efficiency.  

Here are some examples

Reduction of bovine methane emissions

A reduction of 15% per liter of milk and 30% per kg of beef produced, it is possible !

As evidence, Dumoulin is a partner in the Life Dairyclim project, which aims to demonstrate the efficiency of a specific high-fat diet on the reduction of methane production by cows. More information: www.labos.ulg.ac.be/dairyclim/.

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Focus on taint-free pork!

The new feeding concept has already been assessed at Royen farm in Thimister-Clermont, Belgium, in partnership with the Lovenfosse slaughterhouse in Aubel and the ILVO research institute. Named TAINTSTOP, the feed helps to reduce boar taint in pork and is being introduced as a viable alternative to castration – a practice that is set to be phased out in 2018.

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Protein efficiency of the diet

Yes, you can produce more with less protein!

European protein

Yes, you can have an efficient diet with 100% European protein!

Omega-3 and other useful nutriments in milk, meat and eggs

Yes, you can have a ratio of omega-6 : omega-3 that is under 4!  (WHO recommendation).

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