The Dumoulin group includes:

  • 3 production sites in Belgium: Andenne, Courtrai and Hombourg

  • Turnover 2014: €200 million

  • Production: 510,000 tonnes in 2014

  • Exports to neighbouring countries and the world: 35%

1. Organisation

We are organised by profession in order to develop our expertise to the maximum: dairy cattle, beef cattle, pigs, small ruminants, rabbits, poultry and horses.

2. Quality

Following the Feed Chain Alliance standard, we describe our requirements for each raw material in detail and carry out a strict control protocol before each unloading.

Each product is analysed and samples are kept for 6 months.

Every year, we take more than 100,000 samples of raw materials and finished products,
proof of our commitment to quality, safety and traceability.

A strict protocol has also been put in place to safeguard the EquiFirst horse range.

3. Environment

Environmental protection is an integral part of our mission:

  • Our feeding concepts achieve a balanced diet for the animals and their well-being.

  • We continuously reduce our CO2 emissions by promoting river transport and local
    sourcing of raw materials.
    We invest in energy savings (gas cogeneration, ...).

  • We are continuously seeking protein efficiency in rations (less nitrogen release).

  • We produce food with a low phosphorous content (less discharge into the water

  • Finally, we have chosen to focus our R&D on European protein.

Dumoulin is committed to improving its energy efficiency and CO2 emissions by joining the FEVIA Wallonia Energy/CO2 Branch Agreement.

4. Human health

But we do not overlook Human health and offer nutritional solutions which have a positive impact on the health of animals, but also that of humans through animal by-products (meat, milk, eggs, etc.).

5. Logistics

We rely on efficient logistics.

Dumoulin BV
Spinnerijstraat 119 - 8500 Kortrijk (België)
BTW BE 0429.887.073
RPR Gent, afdeling Kortrijk

Dumoulin SRL
Rue Bourie 18 - 5300 Andenne (België)
BTW BE 0449.730.404
RPR Luik, afdeling Namen

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