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We are organised by profession in order to develop our expertise to the maximum: dairy cattle, beef cattle, pigs, small ruminants, ...

Beef cattle

The nutritional quality of Dumoulin's Beef Cattle feeds is unrivalled in the livestock-fattening market.

Dairy cattle

Our diversified product range, together with tailor-made technical advice, are essential assets for efficient and sustainable milk production on your farm.


As a professional hog farmer, you strive for optimal performance and maximum yields. Dumoulin wants to assist you as a customer in this mission by means of innovations and feeding solutions. We offer you a tailor-made solution for your piglets, sows, and fattening pigs through a wide range of products.

Small ruminants

Dumoulin offers a complete program suited to feeding of ewes and lambs for breeding or fattening.

Minerals, Supplements & Milk powder

As a supplier to farmers, Dumoulin has developed a complete range of mineral vitamins and milk replacements.


Dumoulin offers a wide assortment of food for broilers and laying hens.


As a market leader, we produce feed from the best raw materials exclusively in our Moorslede plant.


In 2005, based on our research and expertise in animal nutrition, we launched the EquiFirst brand.

Dumoulin BV
Spinnerijstraat 119 - 8500 Kortrijk (België)
BTW BE 0429.887.073
RPR Gent, afdeling Kortrijk

Dumoulin SRL
Rue Bourie 18 - 5300 Andenne (België)
BTW BE 0449.730.404
RPR Luik, afdeling Namen

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