This summer, Arvesta is going virtual by introducing digital

Due to the coronavirus crisis, Arvesta is launching digital versions of the Libramont and Openvelddagen [Open field days] agricultural fairs this summer.

This summer, Arvesta is launching digital versions of the Libramont and Openvelddagen [Open field days] agricultural fairs due to the coronavirus crisis.

Arvesta, the largest full-service partner of Belgian farmers and horticulturists, is organising
two digital trade fairs this summer for the first time. These are the Libramont agricultural
trade fair, where many of Arvesta’s strong brands are present every year, and the biennial
Openvelddag [Open field day] that Arvesta organises at its trial station in Neerhespen. Due
to the coronavirus crisis, major events such as agricultural trade fairs cannot take place this
summer. This is why Arvesta is now launching two digital platforms on which farmers and
interested parties can go for interactive information (especially videos) about the latest
innovations, as well as to receive tailor-made advice. The digital platforms are offered in
Dutch and French and will remain available until the end of the summer.

Libramont, the largest open air trade fair in the world

The Libramont agricultural, forestry, and agri-food trade fair is the largest outdoor trade fair
in the world and attracts around 200,000 visitors, 800 exhibitors, and 5,000 brands every
year. In principle, Arvesta would have been here between 24-26 July, along with strong
brands like Dumoulin, Walagri, Agro Logic, Pomagro, and Cofabel, John Deere’s exclusive
distributor in Belgium. But due to the circumstances, Arvesta is launching a digital platform
on which the participating brands are represented interactively ( Visitors can
watch videos in which Arvesta’s experts explain the latest innovations such as Dumoulin’s
Euroclim animal feed for lower CO2 emissions and Walagri’s Smartfogging, a new future-
oriented way of storing potatoes. You can also take a first look at John Deere’s new 8R/8RT/8RX tractor. It is also possible to download brochures, cards, promotional campaigns, etc. via the platform, which is accessible to everyone.

Openvelddag [Open field day] in Neerhespen

In addition to Libramont, the Openvelddagen [Open field days] were also planned this
summer. Every two years, strong brands form Arvesta AVEVE Seeds, Sanac, Walagri, and
Hermoo organise an Openvelddag [Open field day] at the testing station in Neerhespen in
June. This is where Arvesta tests new varieties of cereals and other crops, while practical
trials are carried out on crop protection and plant nutrition. Visitors are given a guided tour of the trial fields and an explanation of the results. This year will be virtual: the trial fields will be simulated on a digital platform, and visitors can click on the fields to learn more about the
crops, the trials and the findings of the Arvesta experts via videos. The digital Openvelddag
[Open field day] will focus on seeds, crop protection, and fertiliser trials. You can also admire
mixed crops, soya, and hybrid rye. Like the digital platform for Libramont, farmers can also
download brochures and files from here. Farmers can access the site with a unique code
they will receive via e-mail or – like other interested parties – they can request a code via the
platform (

About Arvesta

Thanks to its unique expertise and innovative smart-farming solutions, Arvesta is building
sustainably on the agriculture of the future. We help farmers grow and increase their yields.
With 1,900 experts and more than 40 strong brands, Arvesta is a true knowledge centre for
all types of farmers, as well as consumers. With 250 AVEVE shops, we work in the animal feed, agriculture and horticulture, flour, machinery and retail sectors. As a full-service provider for farmers and horticulturists, Arvesta is the market leader in Belgium and is internationally active with branches in the Netherlands, France and Germany. As a result, we achieve an annual turnover of €1.4 billion. Arvesta press contacts – Stéphanie Deleul, External Communications Manager +32 476 94
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