🐄 Save up to 800 euros per month with HiPro

Choose HiPro, the effective solution for your protein needs! We know that the rise in food costs in your dairy workshops is a major issue right now due to the increase in quotations for soybean meal in the first weeks of the year.

We want to inform you that the urea retard technology in HiPro 58and its derivatives HiPro 49 and 45 are the solution to control your expenses.

  • HiPro 58: 52 % PBT - 1.060 VEM

  • HiPro 49 VLOG: 44% PBT - 990 VEM

  • HiPro 45 VLOG: 41% PBT - 970 VEM

Currently, the prices of our HiPro nutritional solutions are significantly more advantageous than traditionally used proteins. See the table below.

Price trend of protein correction agents

Total or partial replacement of soybean meal in the ration is possible while maintaining your performance. As shown below, the substitution of 1.5kg of soybean/canola 70/30 with 1kg of HiPro 58 (with a slight increase in coarse forage intake) allows for a decrease of up to 4% in your food costs.

tableau HiPro

Convinced that these products can offer you a real opportunity to optimize your food costs, please contact your Technical-Sales Advisor now for a feed calculation adapted to your farm.

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