Launch of the 'Pré de chez nous' beef label: Unique because of its reduced CO2 footprint and the special attention paid to animal welfare

The modern consumer is increasingly aware of what they put in their shopping basket. As a result, they are looking for sustainable, healthy and local products with a focus on animal welfare and a small ecological footprint. To meet this demand, Dumoulin is there as a partner to the food industry. With sustainable innovations and decades of expertise, Dumoulin helps farmers and food producers grow to offer consumers a sustainable end product of the highest quality. We believe in strong partnerships to maximise the positive impact on land, animals and people!


With this brand new and unique quality label, the master chevilleur Bernard Gotta, the cutting plant Viande de Liège, the animal breeder Sobemax and the feed producer Dumoulin want to offer local, sustainable and tasty beef. They have joined forces with 5 Belgian breeders to meet the demand for meat that is both tasty and sustainably produced.

Belgian, sustainable and responsible

As its name suggests, 'Pré de chez nous' offers a purely Belgian product. Made for Belgians by Belgians.

But what makes this label different from others?
The innovative Euroclim® feeding concept of feed producer Dumoulin, a strong brand of agricultural expert Arvesta, reduces the CO2 footprint of meat by up to 21%. The unique Euroclim® concept is a 100% vegetable feed, with a high content of omega-3 thanks to its extruded flax seeds, which reduces methane emissions during digestion by up to 30 % methane emissions during digestion. In addition, all raw materials are exclusively European 80% of which do not compete with human food, a fine example of a circular economy.

And that's not all! Animal welfare has also been given special attention. Specialized brushes are used to care for the animals. And the animals are given more space, light and ventilation. ventilation. Thus, 'Pré de chez nous' allows us to do much better than the market standard. In addition, this short chain allows us to limit the CO2 emissions generated, among other things, by the transport.

Finally, 'Pré de chez nous' offers the breeders a better remuneration.

A tasty choice

'Pré de chez nous' not only makes the right choices, but also offers a very tasty product. The meat 'Pré de chez nous' meat is red and slightly marbled. It contains no allergens or GMOs and is not ionized. In short, a deliciously tender and tasty quality meat. And 100% natural!

You can find "Pré de chez nous" at the butchers of Belgium.

More information? www.pré
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