Dumoulin and Marcassou join forces for animal welfare

The modern consumer is increasingly aware of what they put in their shopping basket. As a result, they are looking for sustainable, healthy and local products with a focus on animal welfare and a small ecological footprint. To meet this demand, Dumoulin is there as a partner to the food industry. With sustainable innovations and decades of expertise, Dumoulin helps farmers and food producers grow to offer consumers a sustainable end product of the highest quality. We believe in strong partnerships to maximise the positive impact on land, animals and people!
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Discover one of our success stories: Dumoulin and Marcassou join forces for animal welfare

Recently, Dumoulin, a strong brand of Arvesta, joined forces with Marcassou, known for its Ardennes sausages and ham. As part of the 'Le Cochon bien-être' label - a Walloon label that promotes local meat and animal welfare - Marcassou is committed to producing its own meat products in the most sustainable way possible and with respect for the animals. Dumoulin's Taintstop cattle feed plays a crucial role in this respect, because thanks to this innovation, you get a tasty and healthy piece of meat without boar smell and castration of the pigs is no longer necessary. Moreover, no preventive antibiotics are involved. So for the first time there is an animal-friendly alternative that is fully compliant with future EU legislation. By allowing its local farmers to work with Dumoulin's Taintstop, Marcassou ensures that its products are 100% animal friendly and, together with Dumoulin, the brand takes an important step in the field of animal welfare!

Discover our video dedicated to this partnership.

"Le Cochon bien-être" label: no compromise on origin, welfare and quality

With the "Le Cochon bien-être" label, consumers will immediately know that they are buying quality charcuterie produced in the Ardennes with local meat and with respect for animal welfare. This allows them to consciously support a sustainable approach and local actors.

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