Arvesta takes a digital trip to Agriflanders and continues to focus on digital trade fairs in 2021

This month, Arvesta, the full-service partner of farmers and horticulturists, takes a digital trip to Agriflanders, the largest agricultural and horticultural trade fair in Flanders. The company is doing this via a digital platform on which many of Arvesta’s strong brands and their innovations are presented.
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Agriflanders cannot go ahead this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic (and the event will be postponed to 2023). In order to be able to inform and advise its customers during this period, Arvesta organised two digital agricultural fairs last summer. The company is now continuing the trend. Farmers and interested parties can go to the Agriflanders platform and get interactive information and videos about the latest innovations, as well as personalised advice. Agriflanders by Arvesta will be available from 21 January to 15 March.

Arvesta is fully committed to digital trade fairs in 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic requires creative solutions. Now that agricultural trade fairs cannot be live affairs for the time being, Arvesta is fully committed to digital alternatives for 2021. Last summer, Arvesta launched two digital platforms for the Libramont agricultural trade fair and the biennial Openvelddag [Open field day] in Neerhespen. In January, it will be the turn of the agricultural and horticultural fair, Agriflanders. The digital platforms help farmers and interested parties get to know Arvesta’s strong brands and innovations, and to receive personalised advice.

According to Niek Depoorter, Business Unit Director for Agriculture and Horticulture at Arvesta, the trend has been set for 2021: “Due to COVID-19, we quickly found an alternative to our trade fairs and events; further, we believe digital platforms will continue to have a place in the future. It is an efficient way to present our innovations and give customers the opportunity to find out more about all our products and commercial promotions in one place. Even so, direct contact between our people in the field and our customers still remains extremely important.”

Discover Arvesta’s strong brands and innovations on a virtual trip to Agriflanders

Many of Arvesta’s strong brands in animal feed, agriculture and horticulture can be found on the Agriflanders platform.

Aveve, Dumoulin, Spoormans and Agro Logic present their latest innovations in animal feeds. For example, the platform contains extensive information about:

Innovative animal feed, Euroclim An animal feed to reduce the environmental footprint cost per litre of milk or kilogram of meat produced – without loss of performance and without additional costs for the farmer.

Piglet rearing without zinc and antibiotics Aveve launched a checklist to make piglet rearing without antibiotics and zinc oxide a reality. An individual plan of action tailored to each company, looking beyond nutrition alone.

Fertilis range for sows Dumoulin launched a new range for sow farmers at the end of last year: Fertilis. Fertilis focuses on healthy and vital piglets, achieving sufficient rest in the gestation shed, and a switch to a smooth farrowing process that results in the sows in the farrowing shed quickly delivering milk.

Aveve seeds, Sanac, Hortiplan, Hermoo, Cofabel and Pomagro present their latest innovations in agriculture and horticulture. You will discover, for example, more about

Smart fogging, all-in-one service Storing potatoes and controlling germination is a critical step in potato farming. Smart fogging is Alliance’s offer of an all-in fog service to ensure optimal yield during cultivation, and good storage conditions for your potatoes.

To learn more about smart fogging, watch the Arvesta video here

Haspargit, a unique range of fertilisers

In order to guarantee the quality and yield of your crops, it is important to ensure optimal soil quality. The use of Haspargit®, a potash fertiliser with low chlorine content and the right amount of sulphur and calcium, greatly contributes to the improvement of important soil properties.

Latest cultivation systems from Hortiplan Hortiplan offers far-reaching automated solutions for planting and harvesting. As a result, cultivation using an MGS can be compared to a well-organised production site.

Our experts take platform visitors on a journey into crop farming of the future by using videos, brochures, webinars and fun promotions and competitions.

About Arvesta Thanks to its unique expertise and innovative smart-farming solutions, Arvesta is building sustainably on the agriculture of the future. We help farmers to grow and to increase their yields. With 2,100 experts and more than 40 strong brands, Arvesta is a true knowledge centre for both farmers and consumers. With 250 Aveve shops, we are active in the animal feed, agriculture and horticulture, flour, machinery, and retail sectors. As a full-service provider for farmers and horticulturists, Arvesta is the market leader in Belgium and is internationally active with branches in the Netherlands, France, and Germany. As a result, we achieve an annual turnover of €1.4 billion.

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