An important innovation for optimal fertility!

After scientific tests with farmers, in our research centre in Poppel and at the Centre Agronomique de Wallonie (CRA-W), Dumoulin is pleased to present its new range of animal feeds: Ferti. Two feeds designed to improve the fertility and production of dairy cows. These products are based on an original complex of antioxidants that also improve the functioning of the milk producing cells in the udder, thanks to the benefits of the plant extract "Scutellaria" among others.
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Specific nutrition for good preparation for calving in dairy cows. The benefits are:

  • antioxidant effects,

  • effects on the BACA,

  • glucogenic contributions,

  • protein intake and,

  • full coverage of minerals and vitamins.

It is used during the last 21 days of drying in a ratio of 4 to 5 kg with 4.5 kg dry matter from the maize silage and unlimited palatable straw.
It is available in bags and in bulk to order.

Specific feed for cows at the beginning of lactation. The benefits are:

  • Glucogenic effects (fat, sweet, starch),

  • Protein effects: protected methionine,

  • Antioxidant effects: scutellaria and,

  • High content of chelated vitamins and minerals.

It is recommended at the start of lactation until at least 120 days after lactation, at a rate of 4 kg per cow per day.
It can be ordered in bulk.

The advantages for the breeder are better reproduction results (number of inseminations, calving interval, etc.) and better production!

Our experts are available to present you these revolutionary products and to share our scientific research with you. Contact us for more information!

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