Based on our years of experience as a feed manufacturer in combination with our multifunctional factory, we are a steady and reliable partner for the production of an extensive range of high grade half-fabricates and complete feeds for ruminants, pigs, horses, rabbits and farmyard animals in a variety of physical shapes (meal, crumble, pellet, all-mash, muesli,….). We can offer you a complete range of products, standard products as well as tailor made products, on request for you. Selecting and judging the delivered raw materials to our factory with a very critical eye is the basis of a good quality end-product. Enabling us to service our customers in the best possible way we can count on a professional team of highly skilled and motivated staff.
We attribute great importance to the quality of our raw materials.  These are divided into 5 groups:  local products bought directly from the producers (cereals, oilseeds, protein crops), dehydrated products (alfalfa, dried beet pulp etc.), co-products of the food industry, protein and fat intakes and, lastly, minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

Our knowhow extends to the manufacture of bio certified and omega 3 nutriments.

Flaked products

  • Years of expertise
  • Total control of the production process
  • Flaked products of the highest quality for a multitude of applications
  • Always a strategical stock – always fast loading

- Corn flakes
- Barley flakes
- Wheat flakes
- Spelt flakes
- Oat flakes
- Lupin flakes
- Golden Soy (full fat soy bean flakes)
- Bean flakes
- Pea flakes (only in full truck loads)

Extruded products

We possess years of experience in the extrusion of cereals and oilseeds. Extrusion being a pelleting process under high temperature and high pressure. Extruded products contain, besides gelatinized starch, also protected proteins and fats. We can divide our extruded products in protein rich products and fatty products. Besides our standard range of extruded products we also offer you the possibility to develop your own tailor made extruded product based on your range of raw materials.



HiPro 58 boosts the protein correction of your dairy rations.

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  • Improves the ruminal NH3 utilisation of the microbial flora
  • Reduces the urea level of the milk
  • The energy content of HiPro 58 is similar to the energy content of soybean meal.


High performance economical alternative to soybean meal and rapeseed meal. HiPro 58: extruded feed with high level «efficient» urea based on the concept of «SLOW RELEASE» urea (bolus effect). Co-extrusion of urea with starch.

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Mineral mixtures

Besides our standard range of products we can offer you, in minimum lots of 2Mt per reference, tailor made mineral mixtures. Together with you we can compose the formulas which will meet your needs. We can offer our mineral mixtures in different physical shapes.


Because of an extremely flexible all-mash feed production block we can prepare and produce your tailor made formulas.
Our all-mash feed production block consists of 26 product silos that can be used to very flexibly produce, within certain boundaries, all kinds of different All-mash feeds. All the used half-fabricates (flaked products, pellets and extruded products) are home-made and fresh what guarantees an optimal result. You can discuss with your contact person all the different possibilities.

Tailor made products

We can deliver feed in any physical form you wish. Meal, pellet, crumble and mixes. We offer a multitude of different packaging and labeling possibilities (paper, plastic, big-bags, bulk,….). In case you would like a certain formula produced and delivered in another physical shape? We will gladly work it out with you.


Would you require more information about these products and possibilities?

Please contact one of our B2B staff.

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