Our Experts

As true partners of your farm, our animal nutrition experts offer you tailor-made feeding concepts, carefully adapted to your production objectives and your fodder.

Our experts rely on the work of our R&D department, the results recorded in our experimental farms, the production of our multi-purpose plants and efficient logistics.

We are also building a meaningful long-term partnership with our foreign manufacturers and importers.

Dumoulin wants to be the technical and economic partner of farmers of the future. In order to analyse and therefore provide the best advice, Dumoulin nutritionists are equipped with very advanced rationing software that covers calculating rations for dairy cows and dry cows, as well as for young animals and fattening rations.

Our nutritionists help you to adapt your feeding strategies by calculating and optimising the cost of rations and the daily food balance. In addition, we can integrate the results of milk testing and also provide feeding tables for robots and cow/cow advice. The software also enables you to integrate the data from your robots and draw up technical reports that make it easier to interpret your results!

Please ask your Dumoulin expert to calculate your different rations right away!

Dumoulin BV
Spinnerijstraat 119 - 8500 Kortrijk (België)
BTW BE 0429.887.073
RPR Gent, afdeling Kortrijk

Dumoulin SRL
Rue Bourie 18 - 5300 Andenne (België)
BTW BE 0449.730.404
RPR Luik, afdeling Namen

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