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Tomorrow's sustainable animal husbandry starts today

The knowledge and expertise of Dumoulin and ForFarmers Belgium now under a new name: Proxani. Proxani, your partner for the livestock farming of the future. With our unique expertise and innovative solutions, we continue to build the sustainable agriculture of tomorrow.

Farmer profitability

Experts in animal nutrition since 1937, Dumoulin manufactures top quality feeds for your cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, poultry and horses.

To help you achieve your optimum production, we rely on our innovative products, our
experts in animal nutrition, our research and development department and our experimental farms.

Partner for the environment

We ensure reducing our environmental footprint by investing in energy savings, transport of raw materials and also by offering a range of products that reduce methane emissions from cattle by up to 30%.

Partner for human health

But we do not overlook human health and offer nutritional solutions which have a positive impact on the health of animals, but also that of humans through animal by-products (meat, milk, eggs, etc.).

We export our know-how all over the world.

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Dumoulin, a strong Arvesta brand

Dumoulin is a strong brand of Arvesta, the biggest full-service partner for farmers and growers.
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Dumoulin BV
Spinnerijstraat 119 - 8500 Kortrijk (België)
BTW BE 0429.887.073
RPR Gent, afdeling Kortrijk

Dumoulin SRL
Rue Bourie 18 - 5300 Andenne (België)
BTW BE 0449.730.404
RPR Luik, afdeling Namen

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