Apart from its interest for animal husbandry, extruded linseed (Nutex) produced by Dumoulin offers several advantages, including naturally enriching dairy produce, meat, eggs and poultry in Omega 3, with an Omega 6 : Omega 3 ratio that is below 4, the value recommended by the WHO.  Traditional Western feeds generally attain values of 15 to 20 or even more. 

In 2007, following the initiative of Equilibrium, the economic interest group of which we are a founder member, 4 Belgian university institutions conducted an exploratory study on humans with the aim of offering consumers a “menu” composed of a wide range of products (bread, eggs, milk, beef, pork, poultry and fish).  The combination of this range of products can correct deficient Omega 3 in our customary diet.  

The benefit of Omega 3 fatty acids against heart disease has been proven, and the savours of the menus have been validated by the participants along with other Belgian and international partners to promote the “Equilibrium Menu” and address collectively the health profession.

The products of this menu are marketed under the « Equilibrium Menu » label.



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