Dumoulin en chifrres

The Dumoulin group is, in particular:

  • 3 productions sites in Belgium: Andenne, Courtrai and Hombourg
  • Turnover 2014: € 200m
  • Production: 510.000 metric tonnes in 2014
  • Exports neighbouring countries and worlwide: 35%

1. Organisation

We are organised according to professions in order to develop our knowhow to a maximum extent:

cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, poultry and horses.

2. Quality

Following the Feed Chain Alliance standard, we precisely describe our requirements for each commodity and exercise a strict control protocol before each unloading.

Each commodity is analysed and the samples are kept for 6 months.

Each year we take over 100,000 samples of raw and processed commodities as a guarantee of our policy with regard to quality, safety and traceability.

A strict protocol has also been established for securing the EquiFirst range for horses.


3. Environment   

Environmental protection is an integral part of our mission:
  • Our nutrition concepts respect animals’ nutritional balance and well-being.
  • We are continuously reducing our carbon dioxide emissions by preferring fluvial transport and local supplies of raw commodities.  We invest in energy saving (gas cogeneration etc.).
  • We are continuously striving to attain protein efficiency in our rations (less nitrogen rejection).
  • We produce low phosphorous feeds (less rejection into the water tables).
  • Finally, we have chosen to focus our R&D on European protein.

Dumoulin has undertaken to improve its energy efficiency and its carbon dioxide emissions by signing the Energy and Carbon Dioxide Branch of FEVIA Wallonia. CONSULT OUR UNDERTAKING


4. Human health

With the concept of the « Equilibrium Menu », Dumoulin makes its contribution to improving human health.


5. Logistics

We rely on efficient logistics.



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